Weight loss at home


Losing weight can seem very difficult, especially if you have tried several methods in the past and did not get the results you expected. To lose weight effectively you will need to permanently change four aspects of your life: what you eat, how you eat, habits and activity level. In principle, you can reach the desired weight by adopting better habits.

If you want to know more about weight loss methods that really work, read on.

First forget about fast weight loss diets, intensive exercise programs and calorie counting. These weight loss programs can help you lose a few pounds, but you will not be able to follow these unusual diets or exercise programs for very long. On the one hand, it's just not healthy to lose too much weight, too fast. You haven't put on all those pounds overnight and you shouldn't expect to lose weight overnight. The best way to lose weight is to adopt better habits forever. Your goal should be to transform your lifestyle, not to follow a diet for a few weeks and then return to your old habits.

Transforming your habits can take some time. Change is the most difficult aspect of weight loss and occurs first through a transition period. The change is not sudden. You will not press a button and ready, you will become a different person overnight. Everything is done in small steps, so that you can get used to the new lifestyle. By giving yourself as much time as you need, you will get much better results, despite the fact that you will not progress to the ideal weight as fast as you would have hoped.

Find new foods that you really like. Every week you should introduce some new foods in your diet. Try to cook new foods in different ways or combine them with spices. Avoid junk food and fast food. Replacing all your favorite unhealthy foods with better alternatives will make you happy to eat and make adopting a healthy diet much easier. You can still eat your unhealthy foods as long as you eat very small amounts from time to time. Eat more plant foods (fresh fruits, vegetables, oilseeds), low-fat and low-fat dairy and avoid processed foods that are packed with sodium and refined sugar. Eat smaller portions the size of your fist. Also, using smaller plates can help keep portions under control.

Normal coffee has a fast and natural fat burning effect, called the lipolytic effect. But by frying, this action is reduced dozens of times, with the loss of chlorogenic acid, the miracle substance that makes this possible. However, green (unroasted) coffee contains this substance, thus preserving its lipolytic effect, which can help you lose weight.

Adopt a more regular life schedule. Try to wake up early and start your day with a healthy breakfast. It is recommended to have three meals at fixed times during the day or you can take five, six smaller meals if you are always hungry between meals. One of the mistakes you should not make when you want to lose weight is not to give up meals or snacks just so as not to consume extra calories, as this will slow down your metabolism and you will gain weight. If you go to bed late, you can have a snack after dinner, but make sure it is at least an hour or two before you go to bed, so that digestive problems do not make you sleep harder or you do not have a restful sleep. A good enough sleep and time will help you lose weight.

More efficient organization of time will help you find free time to do your exercises regularly. If you do not have time to go to the gym, try to be more active, for example, walking for thirty minutes a day or cycling. Walking is one of the easiest ways to keep fit. You will burn between 90 and 200 calories in 30 minutes. Fewer calories if you walk, more when walking at a brisk pace. The more you weigh and the less fit you are, the more calories you will burn in a half-hour walk.

A regular exercise program is a great way to tone your body and reach a healthy weight. Any increase in physical activity will have a beneficial impact in order to lose weight and to feel better. The most important thing is to choose the activities you enjoy doing, which will increase the chances of this activity becoming a habit. Start by working out for twenty minutes a day or two, three longer workouts a week. Try to do the exercises you really like to start with, so that your fitness program stays fun and interesting. You could, for example, enroll in martial arts classes if you want to gain new skills. Dancing, swimming or even playing with children are also great ways to get regular exercise.

Weight loss is not as hard as it sounds if you focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle instead of counting calories. Think about it, the cause that led to your current weight is exactly your lifestyle, and changing this lifestyle (read also 6 simple dietary changes to lose weight) is what will take you where you want to be. . Follow the tips you just read and how soon you will get the results you have always wanted.

7 tips for weight loss success

1. Anyone who wants to be weaker must want this, the choice must belong to him. If an individual shows ambivalence in making changes in his or her lifestyle or does so to please someone else, he or she will probably fail. Also, the changes will be made according to what is appropriate for each. A healthy diet and exercise plan may not always be compatible with the habits and interests of those who want to lose weight. The key is to find a balanced system that works.

2. People who want to follow a diet should set non-food rewards when they achieve an intermediate goal. For example, at the end of the first week of a healthy diet, he might buy a new book or DVD..

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3. All people are tempted to eat something other than healthy food, sometimes eating more than usual, whether it's a coffee break in the morning or after work with colleagues. One solution would be to plan other activities when the proposed number of calories could be exceeded.

4. Ideally, those who follow certain diets should be surrounded by people who want to lose weight. Even best friends can sabotage weight loss, intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, more time should be spent with people who will not put pressure on how to choose food.

5. The feeling of guilt must not intervene, in the case of a person who is not perfect. If she once tried to lose weight and failed, it does not mean that she will fail every time she wants to lose weight. The idea that the right choice may not have been made must be accepted. Failure must not influence the goal. Weight control is not just about making perfect choices, it could be about trying to make good choices.

6. Only healthy food will be stored in the pantry and refrigerator. There will be no snacks, candies or cakes, and instead there will be various types of healthy snacks (popcorn, skim cheese, yogurt, fruit, sugar-free ice cream).

7. Small goals will be set and attention will be focused on them, rather than on the big picture. It would be better to want to achieve the goal within a week or a month, than to have a concentration or even an obsession with the total value of the weight that a person wants to lose.