During the first trimester of pregnancy, the situation is common in which the pregnant woman, instead of gaining weight, loses weight. In fact, it is so common that weight loss is often considered one of the symptoms of pregnancy.

This usually happens to women who do not feel well. Nausea, repeated vomiting and general fatigue can lead to weight loss. Because, feeling so bad, your appetite can’t be great. And, in addition, it is possible to eliminate everything you managed to eat.

In general, weight loss in the first trimester should not be a cause for concern. All the pounds lost will be put back in the next two trimesters of pregnancy, when the baby will start to develop and your general condition will improve. And anyway, in the first trimester of pregnancy you do not gain much weight. The recommendation is to fit somewhere between 1 and 3 kg.

Weight loss during pregnancy

To curb weight loss, a good idea would be to analyze how you eat. Be careful not to have copious and few meals, but frequent meals that contain small amounts. It is equally important to take the vitamin supplements recommended by your doctor. And don’t stress because this, along with the lack of sleep, have always been the enemy of appetite.

If weight loss occurs in the second or third trimester, only then should you worry and talk to your doctor about what to do. You may need to do a new set of tests to see if there are any problems. After the first trimester, the normal weight gain is about half a kg per week. So that, by the end of the pregnancy, you will have to weigh around 16 kg.

As for trying to lose weight during pregnancy, this is contraindicated, even if you feel that you have taken too much until this stage of pregnancy. Of course, it is good to analyze your diet, maybe you eat too many sweets, fast foods and other basacons that are not healthy anyway.

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